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LISSOME is an independent jewelry label based in Hong Kong with the purpose to create simple day to day feminine jewelry.

Founded by two lifelong besties. Together our desire is to create a tangible bond for soul sisters and friends that transcends space and distance through sharing happiness and love.

Back in 2014, we made our first friendship bracelets for fun. The pieces hold memories and many unforgettable moments with stories to tell. Until now, we want to create pieces for friends and soul sisters to keep memories as we do.

Inspired by the cheerful, truthful, and tender friendship we have, each piece has been truly thought out to captures the spirit of joyfulness and gentleness. Our pieces of jewelry also manifest the lifestyle of minimalism and play with versatility. We hope to continue to deliver pieces with a touch of classiness for all girls. We believe each of our pieces on a different person would tell us a different story.

At LISSOME, we are creating them for you too. We inspired by friendship and made for us all.




We aspire to offer products with fineness materials and exquisite handwork. We cooperate with experienced factories specializing in sterling silver jewelry production to ensure delivering the best quality product.

All LISSOME’'s products are made of nickel-free 925 sterling silver, which is hypoallergenic. We also use 18K Gold or Rose Gold, or Rhodium plating to give our products extra strength and finishing. With high quality plated gold, our products are more durable and less prone to oxidize.

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